I’ve spread myself a bit thin in the blogging arena and so I’ve made the decision to merge Raising Them Green into my Mutterings of a Mindless Mommy (aka M3) blog. Mindless Mommy Dot Com was here first but I decided to create a blog dedicated to raising eco-conscious children. The result – two neglected blogs.

So, instead of nursing along the two I’ve decided that one parenting blog is all I need; there’s no reason why I can’t share eco-conscious parenting tips over on M3 and now today I bid adieu to RTG Please join me at M3 – Subscribe to Mutterings of a Mindless Mommy.


5 Ways to Reduce Waste This Summer

Summer is almost here! Before your summer schedule gets busy with vacations, summer sports and other warm weather activities, I encourage you to think about ways you can reduce your waste this summer. Below are five easy ways to help you get started! 1. Reduce fuel use: From my son’s swim team to my daughter’s [...]

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Ways to Help Teach Your Kids About Money

In my house, we stress the importance of teaching our kids about budgeting their money. My husband and I want to make sure they understand the basics without burdening them with the financial-stressors adults face. As with all things parenting, I approach the topic with play. If you’re unsure how to talk to your children [...]

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How Much Energy Do Home Electronics Use?

Over the past few months I’ve written a series of posts that have examined how much energy home electronics use. I started off with countertop kitchen appliances in January and followed-up with a look at the energy needs of personal care appliances in March. Today, I’m turning my attention towards home electronics. My goal is [...]

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3 Easy “Feed Your Freezer” Ideas

I love the concept of “Feeding my Freezer,” which is essentially spending a day preparing several meals I can store in my freezer. On a busy weeknight, I simply go “shopping” in my freezer for a quick meal instead of ordering from a local restaurant. While I will branch out and try new recipes from [...]

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E-Waste Recycling 101

What is e-waste? E-waste is simply electronics waste – electronic items that cannot be reused or refurbished. These items need to be processed by a reputable and preferably certified recycling organization. Learn more: E-Waste Recycling 101 on the SCJhonson.com Green Choices blog. Note: I receive compensation from SCJ for my blog posts however my statements [...]

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