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I’m still getting caught up after returning home from my first trip to BlogHer so I’m going to post a press release that interests me. I have not had very good luck with natural deodorants and so I’m always on the lookout for something that works…truly works. I’m going to have to pick up some of this new Tom’s of Maine Paraben-Free Deodorant to see how it works.

This summer Tom’s of Maine is offering consumers a fresh way to take care of themselves and the planet with the launch of its new 24-hour, long-lasting deodorant. An example of sustainable innovation, this introduction combines a natural, vegetable-based formula, never tested on animals, that is clinically proven to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and environmentally sensitive packaging made from single-source plastic so you can recycle from canister to cap.

The 100% natural deodorant stick, made entirely from renewable ingredients, utilizes vegetable-derived propanediol as an equally effective alternative to a propylene-glycol (PG) deodorant base. Free of aluminum, parabens and PG, the deodorant also contains no artificial ingredients.

In addition, consumers can feel good about what happens to the product after they use it. The packaging is fully recyclable and made from at least 40% recycled content to help take plastic out of the public waste stream.

“For us, sustainable product development is a never-ending journey,” said Fiona Russell, Tom’s of Maine’s Deodorant Category Manager. “It’s rooted in working together and listening to our consumers, and a deep desire to create products that are good for people, communities and the planet. Every day, we strive to improve upon our stewardship model and offering a PG-free deodorant that actually works advances that commitment.”

Tom’s of Maine’s deodorant provides odor protection through the antimicrobial action of the botanical ingredient hops (Humulus lupulus) and zinc ricinoleate. The zinc source is from zinc oxide and ricinoleic acid is from castor seed oil, together they help absorb and neutralize odor

The new Tom’s of Maine 24-Hour Long Lasting Deodorant is available in both Mountain Spring and Beautiful Earth natural fragrances and will be in stores nationwide in August. Beautiful Earth also contains Vitamin E and organic aloe vera to condition and soothe skin.

Photo by Tom’s of Maine

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E January 25, 2011 at 6:14 am

Actually, the first ingredient to be listed on Tom’s of Maine stick deodorant IS propylene glycoll, which is also used in antifreeze!!

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