Climatologists are the New Santa

If you ask my son, climatologists are the new Santa. What’s that supposed to mean? Basically, my son was way more excited to meet a climatologist than he is to meet Santa (who stops by our house every Christmas Eve – literally). This past Sunday the local search and rescue team was practicing helicopter rappelling. I know I’ve mentioned it before but to refresh your memory my dad (aka Pops to the kids) is a part of the team. One of the members of the team was scheduled to practice rappelling and her husband is a climatologist.

My dad has mentioned Alexander’s love of weather and climate several times and this was the perfect opportunity to get Alexander to talk to a real climatologist and even get a couple of books autographed. Alex was able to meet Randy Cerveny, author of Weather’s Greatest Mysteries Solved! and Freaks of the Storms: From Flying Cows to Stealing Thunder: The World’s Strangest True Weather Stories.

Alex had a list of five questions to ask Randy and in true Alex fashion he got a little shy before asking. I’ll let Alex tell you all of the questions in a blog post he’s working on but by the time we got to the last one on the list, he had gotten over his nerves just enough to ask it himself.

What did my 8 year-old third-grade son ask?

“Will the Galapagos penguins survive global warming?”

Yup, my little greenie asked this question. According to Randy, they might. Of course they can handle the warmer temperatures because of their location however the rising oceans is the main concern. If the oceans continue to rise, the Galapagos and all of its native habitat may be lost forever. This includes those cute little Galapagos penguins.

We spent the rest of the day watching Randy’s wife and others rappel out of the helicopter. It was pretty cool and of course Ava wanted to take her turn. Just before leaving Randy graciously posed for a picture with the kid. My “conservative” dad (he always jokes that I’m his “liberal” daughter) said, “Say global warming” instead of the obligatory “Say cheese” and Randy and Alex obliged while Ava scrunched her nose with a “What’s global warming?” look.

Oh and I know you’re looking at the tie in this picture wondering what is that all about. As we were getting ready to head out Alex put on his clip on tie and said that he had to look good for a meeting with a climatologist. He quickly followed that up with a “You don’t want to get in an argument with a guy in a tie.” I’m not sure who he was planning on arguing with that day but he was ready!

Thank you Randy for taking the time to entertain my son’s questions. You were much more exciting than Santa.


Carole May 4, 2010 at 2:53 pm

What a wonderful story! I just love that you are raising a little scientist. And I adore his attitude about the tie. I’ll have to remember that. Just put a tie on and no one argues with you. That’s priceless!

pops May 4, 2010 at 6:29 pm

I have said many times, we have enough children who can throw a ball or score a goal in soccer. The world needs more kids who have an understanding beyond athletics. I look forward to our game of questions always wondering what you may come up with. there is a future in the world with yunguns like you.

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