Ranger Rick’s New iPad App

Ranger Rick Jr. Lions iPad App Screenshot

Just hearing the words “Ranger Rick” makes me smile. It brings me back to the late 1970s to the little metal and wood desk I had in my bedroom. In the drawer of the desk was my prized collection of Ranger Rick magazines. The magazine is back but it isn’t alone; there are now Ranger Rick Jr. iPad Apps available.

I received a code to try out Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: Lions and although I’m well over the age range of the typical user, I though it was a gorgeous app. My 9 and 11 year-old kids also agreed even though the app is geared towards a younger user.

“Join Ricky Raccoon on the adventure of a lifetime as you travel to the grasslands of Africa in this cutting-edge story app. When you explore this amusing lion tale, you’ll meet Lars the Lion and the other members of his pride. Along the way, you’ll explore an interactive photo story, play five fun-filled games, and create music, animals, pictures, and stories.”

The app is responsive, the colors are vibrant, the information is educational yet presented in a fun and easy to digest manner and the games are fun to play. There’s really nothing more you could ask for in an app.

Note: The National Wildlife Federation (App Maker) provided Raising Them Green with a complementary copy of this app for this product review. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the promotional item.

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